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-creates with their own experiences. the process of mourning, which is not just formal school education, but interactions with her parents about the whole world is a very important part of the development of intelligence. you could do a perfect job of re-creating the neo cortex and i wouldn't do anything useful, just like a newborn is limited in scale without an education. in fact, that's an important paradigm for the a.i., artificial intelligence is to them. >> host: can you elaborate on what the neo cortex is as opposed to the blame? >> guest: gets old brain and the neighboring. only mammals have the neo cortex. early mammals emerged over 100 million years ago. the neo cortex is the size of a postage stamp. it's as thin as stamp and basically the outer layer, the new ryan of the brain. it's capable of thinking is hierarchical fashion. >> host: that the part of the brain you are focusing on? >> guest: these early mammals was limited, but enabled them to learn no schools -- new skills. but they were able to adapt. that was not so much of an advantage because the environment to change quickly. it took tho
have been trying to do education. education doesn't work to get people to follow the speed limits. what works is when somebody sees a camera or an officer on the side of the road and then everybody is compliant. lean health care have a lot of room to increase accountability and quite frankly i think it'll really restore the trust that has been broken with the general public. >> host: so let's go back to the culture question again. i was riveted when i was reading the book about your account when you are a net room and everybody raised their hands. in fact as you describe it, you were -- to raise your hand. there was a senior position next to you who looked at usaid really, you don't know anyone? but what about the culture do you think has led us to this point where we actually said -- where we no harm is occurring or we have a sense of it that we have gotten to this point where people are afraid to speak up and afraid to criticize their peers or the institution? you make a point a number of times in the book that, and actually in your opening chapter, where you talk about the fact that
on many of those shows. we have a doctor on tape to recommend this. >> as a harvard and yale educated physician, one of the things that makes me very comfortable talking about no! no! is all the research and clinicial trials that show that it really does work. and that is why i feel confident recommending it to my patients. >>host: think about that a doctor recommending this to her patients. think about the other methods, your lazer, which by the way is not effective for every type of skin, the waxing, i do not like to do that because it is painful prevent >>guest: or the no! no!. is the least expensive one with a end in sight. one of the most effective hair removal methods out there. this every time we go to the united kingdom. it is because it is effective on all skin types. everybody can use this, she is a woman of color. maybe they are not able to use laser. light hair, gray hair, peach fuzz. no! no! will work on all of them. it is thermodynamic technology. they have all cut this back for us. --done+ this for is treating the hair. this is really different we have used th
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3